Geometric//Dusky//Copper Mural DIY


When scrolling through Pinterest I saw some really beautiful geometric wall prints and thought to myself about how lovely one would look above my dining table. Realising that a) I could not afford one of these lovely prints and that b) it would look quite bare in the space, I decided to create a wall mural by hand painting a similar geometric design but on a much larger scale.

I absolutely love the way the light reflects off the copper parts and shows off different tones depending on the time of day, it creates a perfect setting for a dining table. To find out how I created it, read below.



Using Photoshop I put together the hexagon design and then printed it off via a website that blows pictures up to a large scale (to allow you to create wall art, you can google it as the name is super dodgy, ha). I then cut out each individual piece, tacked it to the wall, and taped around it using masking tape.

One by one I painted, allowed to dry and then re taped the next. The colours I chose to use were dusky pink, khaki grey, deep blue and copper, and luckily I found the paint in the Valspar discount bin at B&Q reduced to 50p a tub!


The copper colour is created by painting the area with copper paint and then whilst wet layering it with copper foil – I found out at this point that copper foil is THE most fiddly stuff to work with! Once i had layered the foil on how I felt looked best, I went over the top with a thin coat of varnish.


I’ve had nothing but compliments on this DIY, and I am SO happy with it. Let me know if you give it a go…




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